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I’ve been thinking lately about how the speed at which time flies to quick. Ideas and plans, designs and goals come into ones head at break neck speed, and in-spite of all the plans and precautions, they still slip by. What brought this on was looking at flickr photos, and realizing that I’ve got old […]

I have decided to undertake a 72hr fast. It was half spur of the moment, half pre-meditated if that makes sense. Basically, last night, I ate a very small dinner of one avacado, and one naan with roasted red pepper dip, and had a half of a bowl of Lays chips, and woke up this […]

Its exam time, and lots of peeps out there are getting all stressed over the hard schedule and extra work they now have upon themselves to do. Me, I’m taking it easy living and loving! I found this neat article on the importance of exercise to keep the mind stimulated, by Marcos Salazar: . Read it […]

This is the beginnings of this one man’s quest to spread the word about all things cool. I hope you will enjoy what I’ve to say and will stay with me through the times to come. I’m actively involved in many web projects, local businesses and organizations. Interests of mine include web development, life styles […]