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Feeling Good


I came across this today: and I thought it would be best if I came out with a feels good blog. Cause today feels good, and thats just the good truth of it. I’m sitting in the living room, got some Gnarles Barkley cranking, and I just turned up the sub. Life is good. […]

So, I just recently read a SPIN article on Charlotte Gainsbourg, and instantly got on my horse to go get her albums. Apparently she just did her first ever live show in USA I think? I’m listening to it now, and I’m a fan. She rocks with electronics just enough to make it funky, and […]

Amon Tobin


I just want it to be known, that Amon Tobin is a brilliant musician and should be revered by all. He constructs the grooviest tunes and simply blows my socks off when I’m in the mood. From the video footage, He seems like a stand up fellow. Easy going, and groovy. who wouldnt want to […]

Tonight is a Madeleine Peyroux night tonight. She totally rocks my soul inside and out. You should listen to her with maybe a glass of wine and a few cigarettes. I’d love to hear if anybody has any other music of the same style to share with me.

Just cruised by the SFU Library here, and found the FALL edition of High Altitude Poetry out. Little quaint sized booklet filled with some good works. Check them out at For some more great writing, some poetry involved, another great group of guys that are putting out some good stuff are the writers at […]