Feeling Good


I came across this today: http://www.mastermarf.com/2009/04/uncomfortable-rock.html and I thought it would be best if I came out with a feels good blog. Cause today feels good, and thats just the good truth of it.

I’m sitting in the living room, got some Gnarles Barkley cranking, and I just turned up the sub. Life is good.

Just finished a midterm, and it felt like it went pretty good. So, I’m feeling good about that.

Enough of the good talk.

To feel good is essential to living like a champion. Some people start dwelling on things that they cannot take any sort of control over. To be more specific, some folks start to dwell on things like why can’t ‘this person’ change and do this, why can’t ‘the teacher’ change the curriculum to a more suitable technicality to suit me, why can’t ‘my roomate’ not slam the door anymore.

You may notice my placement of ” in that previous paragraph. Cannily placed by yours truly; it was placed there to pull your attention to the subject matter. The point is that one  shouldn’t be looking for an answer to the solution that is outside of their own circle of influence. Yes, I am stealing this from “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People. by Stephen R. Covey.”  But, I am not promoting it so I will not google it for you. He points out that there is a circle of influence that one has around them. This includes things that we have direct control over, mainly behavior.

A lot of stress can be accumulated from worrying about the wrong thing. I once read something that brought to me the idea of  productive  procrastination. This is basically as it sounds. Sometimes one can find themselves fretting over things that you don’t want to do, so you get distracted with little things. Much like what your probably doing now in procrastinating and reading this! 🙂 Either way, I would probably call this productive procrastination because this article aims at focusing on learning the mind, in new and exciting ways. Or, like I believe, it can reinforce facts that you’ve already either known, or feel like you knew. That could be some kind of a paradigm shift if you care to look at it in that light.

The secret to this is brainstorming, or at least throwing the worry or stress factors around in your head, thinking: “What is it exactly that I’m worrying about?” Soon, yes I promise you, soon you can make a list of things in your life that need to be focused on so that you can reduce the amount of stress, increase productivity, make yourself self happier, and love life a little bit stronger.

I was just about to say that even in the end, the devil wanted to be happy. But then, I am probably influenced by television programming thinking that the devil ever wanted to be happy, and only had a interest in doing the baddest, most hate filled things he could think of. So.. bad example.

Remember to focus on things in your life that you can change. Things that you know that you have an influence on, like happyness, being happy to people around you, giving support for people around you, having no doubt about your intentions in life and going for them. What I do to stay focused, is write myself little notes to remind myself of what to focus on, a to do list if you will. Also, I have a quote of the week that inspires me to do what I want to do.

Hope you can provide me with some ideas on how to make this system more successful, of read some more on some ideas on thought process here @ exerciseandmind.com


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