Full Moon at the Park


Just finished editing my photos from the park, some really cool ones, but I decided with the crazy colours and exposures that I’d try something new, so I got these crazy things:


5 Responses to “Full Moon at the Park”

  1. Hey mate! I like ’em! but I’d like to see the original ones! haaa you should put them up!
    (high 5 for signing up on wordpress!)

    • I’m working on making myself a website where I can post everything, not just on wordpress… Think I should just put them on Flikr or make a webpage for it? guess both.

  2. run ned run!

  3. :O!!!!!!!
    Now I know what floozie means! I hate you!! hahaa

  4. BUON GIORNOOOO!!!!! When are you gonna help me setting up my webpage?! huh?!

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